La Petit Chinois Marrakech

le petit chinois

Le Petit Chinois Marrakech is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene in the red city. A little off the beaten track, it’s located in the French quarter of the new part of Marrakech, opposite the Lycee Victor Hugo and around the corner from Les Maitres du Pain.

Serving Asian cuisine, the menu offers an assortment of delicious dishes, including curries, noodles, soups, dim sum, woks and sushi. We’ve eaten here numerous times and each time the food has been superb.  Prices are correct, offering very good value.

le petit chinois marrakech
le petit chinois delicious asian

Le Petit Chinois Marrakech is located on Rue du Jbel Sarho just across the street from the Lycée Victor Hugo.

For reservations or delivery requests: +212 (0)524 433 136

Map of Le Petit Chinois Marrakech