Marrakech Breakfast

marrakech riad breakfast on the terrace

Traditional Moroccan Breakfast

We took the traditional Moroccan Breakfast as a base – fresh baked bread, olives, olive oil and mint tea – and crafted our own version. We serve fresh artisan bread and also some toasted, and the olives and olive oil we make into a tapenade, with fresh parsley and lemon juice. We serve eggs and avocado, roasted beetroot hummus and also locally produced almond nut butter. We make our own yoghurt at the riad and serve it with a selection of seasonal fruit. And to drink – Moroccan mint tea and English breakfast tea, fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee.

breakfast spread on a walnut table with orange juice, fresh berries, artisan bread, olive tapenade, fried egg, pink hummus, avocado

Gluten-free Breakfast

We cater to guests’ individual needs wherever possible. If you are gluten intolerant, a gluten or wheat-free breakfast at Dar Zaman is still a delicious moment and one to look forward to each morning!  Many of our regular breakfast items are gluten free and we can add sweet potato and also serve a Marrakech specialty called “Bissara” which is a soup made from Fava beans – it’s gluten free, completely vegetarian, has a delicious buttery taste and makes an excellent and substantial breakfast.

bissara fava bean soup gluten free

Vegan Breakfast

It can be quite difficult to find a decent vegan breakfast at a Marrakech riad, so for 2021 we have introduced an assortment of our very own homemade vegan breakfast options which are proving extremely popular with non-vegans as well.

The dishes offered on any given day may differ slightly on account of seasonal availabilities, but the core vegan dishes we offer are:

(All served with toasted artisan bread)

Mashed avocado
Mashed avocado with pink hummus
Almond butter with jam
Tofu scramble with turmeric and garlic

In addition to these “main dish” vegan breakfast options, all breakfasts include fresh squeezed orange juice, tea and coffee, fresh fruit, toasted bread, jams and our signature olive tapenade.

marrakech riad plant-based breakfast
green pottery plates with sliced avocado and pink hummus next to a wicker bread basket with small artisan loaves