Marrakech Cooking Class

Outline of our Cooking Class

Our Marrakech cooking class gives you the opportunity to experience first hand a slice of life in the vibrant Marrakech medina. We keep the classes small – maximum group size is six – and the class is led by our chef Karima, and manager Hassan, who translates everything from French to English.

The cooking class takes place in the courtyard of our riad. The class starts at 10h00 and lasts for approximately 4 hours, and includes a visit to the local communal oven (furan) where locals bake their homemade bread and biscuits, shopping at the local market – called a “souq” – where we buy all the fresh ingredients for the class, preparing an assortment of traditional Moroccan dishes – salads and a tagine -and finally eating all the delicious dishes you’ve prepared! We also provide you with the recipe sheets so you can impress your friends and family back home.

Cooking with our chef Karima is an inspiring experience

Karima is a gifted chef, she learnt her skill at home with her mum and grandmother. She is known in the family as the one with “magic in her hands”. Examples of some of the dishes Karima will teach are:

  • Aubergine salad
  • Courgette salad
  • Sweet tomato salad
  • Taktouka (green pepper and tomato)
  • Chicken tagine with preserved lemon and olives
  • Lamb tagine with prunes
  • Vegetable tagine
  • Sliced orange with cinnamon

What are Moroccan Salads and Tagines?

Moroccan salads are made from cooked vegetables, delicately flavoured with various seasonings, herbs and spices. A tagine is a main course dish consisting of vegetables, or meat or fish with vegetables or dried fruit, named after the ceramic dish with cylindrical lid they are cooked in. There are many variations of tagines.

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Moroccan dessert and Mint Tea

Once the salads are in the serving dishes and the tagine is slowly cooking, Karima will teach you how to make a simple yet delicious Moroccan dessert – Sliced Orange with Cinnamon. To top off the class, Hassan will demonstrate for you how to make delicious Moroccan mint tea.

Not just a Cooking Class but also a classy lunch

As the tagine is cooking, the aroma fills the riad, and by the time it is ready, you will be so hungry to taste it! We’ll serve your lunch on the sun terrace or in the salon beside the open fire, depending on the season. Lunch includes at least 4 dishes that you have prepared, mineral water, tea and coffee. Moroccan wine is available (extra charge).


After the class we will send you all the recipes by email. Feel free to make notes during the class, but you will find the recipes come with comprehensive instructions.

Booking your Marrakech Cooking Class

Our cooking classes are available to all – just send an email to to check availability and to book your class. The minimum number of students is two, the maximum is six.

The price is 60€ per person – this price includes:

  • all ingredients
  • tour of the market (souk)
  • cooking with Karima and Hassan
  • mint tea and mineral water during the class
  • lunch comprising of the dishes you have prepared
  • unlimited filtered water
  • mint tea or coffee during class and after lunch
  • recipes emailed to you

If you have a special request, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it.

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