Café Arabe Restaurant Marrakech

cafe arabe marrakech

Until Café Arabe came on the scene, there were no Western-style cafés in the heart of the Marrakech Medina; or at least nowhere that offered a decent lunch and a glass of rosé.

Café Arabe offers a full range of meals centred mainly around a Moroccan and Italian menu that includes pastas, soups and salads, plus a full bar and good selection of wines. It’s a wonderfully pleasant place to be.

The entrance leads from Rue Mouassine into an open-air courtyard with walls of Marjorelle blue and a close-knit community of tables. The large roof terrace on the top floor is the perfect venue for pre-dinner drinks in the medina, mixing modern European design with wonderful views.

There are waves of beige seats dotted around and the whole restaurant is candlelit at night. This is an incredibly romantic spot for watching the sun set over the city and is also popular for groups of friends to meet up before moving on elsewhere for dinner.

Café Arabe is open all day for eating and/or drinking.

184, Rue Mouassine, Medina Marrakech

Tel: +212 (0)524 429 728.

Map of Cafe Arabe