Tiskiwin Museum in Marrakech

tiskiwin museum marrakech

The Tiskiwin Museum, also know as Maison Tiskiwin, and the Bert Flint Museum, is one of the finer museums in Marrakech and Morocco. If you want to have a visual experience of Moroccan art, this is the museum in Marrakech to visit.

The Tiskiwin Museum belongs to Mr Bert Flint, a Dutch anthroplogist and collector of North African Art and features art from the Sahara, Morocco, Mali and nearby regions. The museum is open to the public and exhibits basket works, jewelry, textiles and many other things. Each room features different artifacts from carpets, fabrics, clothes and jewelry from a different town or region, including the south and sub-Sahara.

The Tiskiwin Museum is housed in a large building built during the 20th century – behind the wooden door there lies a beautiful town house, constructed at the turn of the twentieth century in Spanish-Moroccan style. The house is an architecural jewel. Mr Flint has been resident in Morocco since the 1950s.

Maison Tiskiwin lies between the Bahia Palace and Dar Si Said Museum, at 8 Rue de la Bahia. From either Dar Si Said or the Bahia car park, it is easy to find this Marrakech cultural destination.

It’s open every day 09h30–12h30 and 14h30–18h00.

Entrance fee: 20 dhs

Map of Tiskiwin Museum Marrakech