flowerRamadan is fast approaching…this year Ramadan in Morocco incha’ allah will be from 9 July to 8 August, 2013.

Ramadan 2014 is from 28 June – 27 July, 2014.

Ramadan Morocco 9 July - 8 August, 2013

Ramadan Morocco 9 July – 8 August, 2013

People often ask if Ramadan is a good time to visit a Muslim country, and the answer is without reservation that it most definitely is.  There’s a great sense of unity, of kindness and of humility on display during this sacred month and during the evenings following the breaking of the fast, an energetic festive atmosphere hangs in the air.

For the most part, tourism in the larger towns and cities of Morocco is unaffected by Ramadan. Banks change their opening hours, and shops will close early to allow staff to go home to prepare for the breaking of the fast, but otherwise cafés and restaurants that regularly cater to tourists will largely remain open throughout the day.

If you’re planning to travel around Morocco to smaller villages during the month of Ramadan, your hotel or riad should be able to provide food or advise you on your options.

If during your travels in Morocco someone invites you to a “ftour”, the breaking of the fast, know that this is a great honour and a special privilege not to be missed.

Our Marrakech Riad is open during the month of Moroccan Ramadan and is a great base for a rich cultural experience in Morocco. For riad reservations contact our reservations team to book your preferred travel dates.