Marrakech Communal Ovens

marrakech communal oven

When the enticing smell of freshly baked bread curls around your nostrils as you walk around the Marrakech medina, you’re probably very close to a furan (communal oven).

Most homes in the medina don’t have the luxury of an oven, so bread, cakes and other food requiring baking are taken to the local neighbourhood oven.

For 1.5 dirhams for a small loaf, 3 dirhams for a large loaf, the baker will oversee the cooking of each item and store it awaiting collection. Often the job of delivering and collecting the bread and cakes is given to the children.

Our Marrakech Riad is supplied with hot, fresh bread daily from our local communal oven in Sidi Ben Slimane, located right at the end of our street.