Douiria Museum Mouassine Marrakech

douiria museum mouassine marrakech

The Douira Museum in the Mouassine quarter of the Marrakech medina is a stunning example of late 16th century / early 17th century Saadian architecture. Located in close proximity to the Mouassine mosque, at the end of Derb el Hammam just off from the Mouassine Fountain, the building features a house and a “douiria” – a reception apartment.

The property was purchased by Patrick Manac’h (owner and curator of La Maison de la Photograhie) in 2012 from a local inhabitant. Soon after, upon discovering what lay hidden beneath various layers of paint and plaster added over the course of generations of “home improvements”, the slow process began of restoring the building to its former glory and what was to become the Douiria Museum Mouassine Marrakech.

Restoration of the Douiria Mouassine took the best part of two years and employed three driving principles:

  • Traditional techniques
  • Ancient knowledge
  • Traditional materials

All the wooden elements – ceilings and doors – were still intact. It was discovered that the white paint and plaster on the walls covered the original coloured plaster, and the decision was taken to remove this plaster little by little, with small brushes, revealing the original beauty of the house. The moulds necessary for the restoration work were created by young potters from the Ourika Valley, and the plaster itself, from gypsum sourced in Ourika. Colouring was added to the plaster by the addition of clay to the mixture.

Douiria Museum Mouassine also features photographic exhibitions that generally rotate every two months.

Opening Hours

The Douiria Museum is open every day except for Fridays, from 09h30 until 18h00. Admission is 30 dirhams for individuals, and 20 dirhams for groups of 10 or more. The maximum number of visitors at any one time is restricted to 25.

Tel: +212 (0)524 385 721

Map of Douiria Museum Mouassine Marrakech