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Marrakech Riad video

Marrakech Riad Dar Zaman

The last video compilation we made of our Marrakech Riad – from 2013 – we need to do a new one.  Watch this space! Marrakech Riad video View the Marrakech Riad video directly on YouTube. Our Marrakech Riad is the perfect base for a holiday in Marrakech. Contact our riad reservations staff today to book […]

What does “Riad Dar Zaman” mean?

Old Marrakech Medina House = Dar Zaman

“Riad” is Arabic for “garden” and refers to the garden found in the centre courtyard of traditional medina homes.  In these gardens you’ll often find planted various citrus trees, bougainvillea, palms, banana trees and other shade loving green foliage plants that are planted directly in soil, as opposed to in pots. “Dar” is Arabic for […]

Marrakech or Marrakesh? Riad, Ryad or Dar?

Dar Zaman Marakech

Where to stay in Marrakech, or Marrakesh! What is a riad or a ryad? Is a dar also a riad? If not, what is the difference? The city is spelled Marrakech in French, and Marraquech in Spanish. In English, both the terms Marrakech and Marrakesh are used, although the latter is more common. A Riad […]

English owned Marrakech Riad

English owned Marrakech Riad

Marrakech Riad Dar Zaman is an English owned and English speaking riad in the Marrakech medina. The English owner, Peter Mercer, personally supervised the restoration of Dar Zaman in 2006. The riad was an ancient Marrakech home and has been passionately restored by local craftsmen, incorporating modern conveniences including reversible air conditioning in the guest […]