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Patisserie Amandine Launches Multi-coloured Macarons

Patisserie Amandine Macaroon Selection

Popular bakery Amandine is set to launch a line of multi-coloured macarons on Thursday, 5 September offering 15 delectable flavours including Mango Passion, Violet, Pistachio and Peach amongst good old favourites like Raspberry and Chocolate. A Macaron is a light baked type of confection, somewhat meringue-like depending on its consistency. Not to be confused with […]

Patisserie and Bakery PAUL Marrakech

Patisserie and Bakery PAUL

In 1889 the very first PAUL bakery opened in in Croix near Lille, in Northern France. It’s now a worldwide brand and there are three in Morocco, in Casablanca, Rabat and now Marrakech. PAUL specialises in bread, desserts, tarts and sandwiches. The PAUL Marrakech location has a tea-room and shaded outdoor seating where they serve […]

Patisserie Amandine Marrakech

Patisserie Amandine Marrakech

Morocco is well known for its sweet pastries “patisserie Marocaine” and in Marrakech there are several bakeries offering excellent quality cakes.  One of these is Patisserie Amandine, a Marrakech bakery that has been serving Marrakech residents delicious cakes and pastries for over 15 years. Patisserie Amandine makes its home-made Moroccan pastries with 100% almonds – the fillings […]