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Jewish Lazama Synagogue Mellah Marrakech

Lazama Synagogue Mellah Marrakech

The Lazama Synagogue is one of several synagogues remaining in the Mellah quarter of the Marrakech medina. To our best knowledge it is the main one and the only one that is open daily to the public. It is certainly the most picturesque and is popular for weddings and b’nai mitzvah among foreign visitors. Other […]

Mellah Marrakech

Mellah Market Marrakech

Morocco’s rich history includes a long period of Arab and Jewish communities accepting their differences and living and working together to bring success to their respective businesses. The Mellah in Marrakech refers to the area where the Jewish community resided. In cities all over Morocco, Mellahs flourished and became small cities within cities. At its […]

Jewish Cemetery Marrakech

Jewish Cemetery Marrakech

The Jewish Cemetery in Marrakech is located adjacent to the Mellah quarter inside the medina (walled city). Like many places in the medina, there is no hint that behind the fairly anonymous entrance and perimeter walls lies such a vast space and one of such significance. Fascinating and incredibly well preserved, the cemetery is the […]