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Mellah Marrakech

Mellah Market Marrakech

Morocco’s rich history includes a long period of Arab and Jewish communities accepting their differences and living and working together to bring success to their respective businesses. The Mellah in Marrakech refers to the area where the Jewish community resided. In cities all over Morocco, Mellahs flourished and became small cities within cities. At its […]

Kasbah Café Marrakech

Kasbah Café Marrakech

The Kasbah Café is located in the Kasbah quarter of the Marrakech medina just in front of the Saadian Tombs. There is seating downstairs and also on the first floor, but without a doubt the highlight is the terrace which is gorgeous, offering a spectacular view over the Kasbah rooftops towards the Mellah. The menu […]

Le Jardin Restaurant Marrakech

Le Jardin Marrakech

Le Jardin (The Garden) is a large old riad restaurant full of tall banana trees and other foliage that provide shade for the tables scattered around the courtyard. It’s located in the Marrakech medina north of the main square, close to the souks in Sidi Abdelaziz. Upstairs there are two large terraces. Open from breakfast through […]

Marrakech Medina Kittens

Marrakech Medina kittens

  These adorable kittens are living in the street close to the riad. Full of the joys of youth and currently without the responsibility of finding their own food each day! The Marrakech medina has a huge community of street cats and kittens. The lucky ones find an address to call home but the majority […]