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Souk Kafé Marrakech

Souk Kafé Marrakech

Souk Kafé is a fun, nicely decorated Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech ideal for snacks, lunch or dinner. Located on the edge of the northern souks in the Sidi Abdelaziz neighbourhood, it’s literally 50 metres from Le Jardin and Les Terrasses des Epices and only a five minute walk from Riad Dar Zaman. The menu offers […]

Dar Zellij Restaurant Marrakech

Dar Zellij Marrakech

Once upon a time Dar Zellij was a guesthouse. In fact, it was one of the first traditional houses to be converted into a maison d’hote and was thus partly responsible for kick-starting the whole ‘riad boom’ that has infected Marrakech ever since. In contrast with many other ‘designer’ spots, Dar Zellij was a spartan […]