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Moroccan Hammam Guide

Hammam Guide Marrakech

Moroccan Hammam Guide A visit to a local Moroccan hammam in Marrakech is a wonderful experience and one of the few ways to actually meet and participate in local Moroccan culture. If you are visiting Marrakech, don’t miss out on this cleansing and rich cultural opportunity. There is a certain etiquette involved and this brief […]

Hammam Ziani Marrakech

Hammam Ziani Marrakech

Hammam Ziani offers a step up from the local hammam experience, but it doesn’t quite have the finesse of a spa. It’s a great in-between option, still offering the authentic feel of the local hammam, but without the rose petals and slippers offered at the European styled Marrakech spas. Open to male and female clients, […]