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Patisserie Amandine Launches Multi-coloured Macarons

Patisserie Amandine Macaroon Selection

Popular bakery Amandine is set to launch a line of multi-coloured macarons on Thursday, 5 September offering 15 delectable flavours including Mango Passion, Violet, Pistachio and Peach amongst good old favourites like Raspberry and Chocolate. A Macaron is a light baked type of confection, somewhat meringue-like depending on its consistency. Not to be confused with […]

Patisserie and Bakery PAUL Marrakech

Patisserie and Bakery PAUL

In 1889 the very first PAUL bakery opened in in Croix near Lille, in Northern France. It’s now a worldwide brand and there are three in Morocco, in Casablanca, Rabat and now Marrakech. PAUL specialises in bread, desserts, tarts and sandwiches. The PAUL Marrakech location has a tea-room and shaded outdoor seating where they serve […]