Maison d’Artisanat Export Marrakech

artisan export bab taghzout

Just a two minute walk from Dar Zaman, specifically, in Bab Taghzout, is a veritable treasure trove – an Aladdin’s cave of fabulous items ranging from key rings, teapots, leather poufs, light fixtures, candle holders, pottery, glassware and furniture.

It’s easy to miss the entrance – it’s an unassuming door which is often pushed shut with a chair propped against it from the inside. It’s OK to push it open, the chair is there to make it impossible to enter silently – maybe one day they’ll fit a bell to the door instead!

As you enter, you’ll walk down a short entrance corridor lined with lamps – be sure to keep any bags you may be carrying close to your body to avoid knocking against things – walking space in this shop is decidedly limited.

artisan export bab taghzout marrakech
artisan export marrakech

At the end of the entrance corridor you’ll discover the first room of the shop – it is in itself a treasure trove – very generously stocked with furniture, lamps, teapots and decorative items, all in the purest Moroccan style.

Turn right and a small unassuming archway leads into a second, smaller room, from which yet more rooms open out, all of them stocked solid with amazing items of home furnishings and decoration. It’s a shopaholic’s paradise. You won’t know where to start!

Mohamed is the owner, and is usually found sitting at his desk in the second, smaller room. Prices are not marked, but there is no haggling here. Just ask Mohamed for the price.

When you think you’ve seen everything, look up and notice the lanterns and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling in a multitude of colours, then look for the staircase that leads up to the second floor where larger furniture items are to be found.

Maison d’Artisanat Export is a growing business. Every few months Mohamed finds a way to add another room that didn’t seem to exist before, it’s like a rabbit warren extending deep into the neighbourhood.

This won’t always be the cheapest shop in town, but the quality of the products and range of choice is undisputed. It’s also a completely hassle free experience, you can come and browse in peace, even if just for the pleasure of the eyes, as they say here, and no one will bat an eyelid if you leave without purchasing anything.

Maison d’Artisanat Export accepts payment by Visa and Mastercard.

Maison d’Artisanat Export is located at 70, Bab Taghzout, a couple of doors down from the bakery (boulangerie), Le Pain Quotidien.

Tel: +212 (0) 524 376 186 / +212 (0) 661 242 586

Map of Maison d’Artisanat Export