Le Marrakchi Restaurant Marrakech

le marrakchi restaurant marrakech

Le Marrakchi, located on the opposite corner to the Café de France on the Jemaa el Fna square, is the only restaurant directly on the main square that offers upscale dining. A doorman in a Fez hat guards the entrance which leads up dark, incensed stairs to two separate floors.

The restaurant is distinctly Moroccan, and while perhaps not as chic as some other spots around, the atmosphere and décor are in harmony with the timeless traditions of the square below. Tables are strewn with rose petals, there’s dimmed lighting, and oriental belly dancers perform around 21h30 each night for 20 minutes, making this a venue suited equally to group conviviality or quiet intimacy.

The menu offers above-average traditional dishes – pastillas, tajines, couscous – as well as a few pasta and pizza options, and is reasonably priced. Another bonus: it’s one of only two restaurants on the square that serve alcohol.

le marrakchi restaurant

The top floor is the most popular, since it offers superior views across the square – although only if you are seated right next to the window. The lower floor is by no means a poor option as the décor is stunning. Reservations are strongly recommended as this is a popular spot for dinner.

Tel: +212 (0)524 443 377.

Map of Le Marrakchi Marrakech