Amal Association Moroccan Restaurant Marrakech

Association Amal fish vegetable lunchThe Amal Womens Training Centre and Moroccan Restaurant is a surprisingly excellent choice for lunch in the new town, Gueliz. It may not sound very glamorous, but the quality of food served here is first rate.

Amal Association Marrakech

Amal – meaning “hope” in Arabic – is a training centre for disadvantaged women, where among other things, the students train in Moroccan cuisine and waitressing. Association Amal beef stir fry Located in a villa in the hospital district of Gueliz, Amal offers outdoor seating in an enclosed, shaded garden and indoor seating for inclement weather days. The menu changes each day, offering traditional Moroccan and fusion dishes including Moroccan salads, Goat Cheese and Tomato salad, briouattes, stir fries, tagines, lamb cutlets, liver with pureed potato, various fish dishes, and of course on Fridays, couscous. Association Amal lamb cutlets It is all very reasonably priced – 20-30 dirhams for an appetiser, 35-70 dirhams for a main course and 20-30 for a dessert. You can call and order food to pick up, and they will also cater for events. Their number is +212 524 446 896. Amal Association Moroccan Restaurant


Map of Amal Women’s Training Center and Moroccan Restaurant