Marché Couvert du Mellah Marrakech

marché couvert du mellah

Le Marché du Mellah is arguably the best covered market in Marrakech (there is also a smaller Marché Central in the new town, Gueliz).

Here you can find just about all the fresh produce you need for preparing any meal. There are many varieties of fruit, both local and imported, vegetables, green salad items, olives, herbs and spices. The butcher has lamb and beef ready to cut to your requirements, and if you need rabbit or chicken, well – it is not for the squeamish – they will be killed, plucked and/or skinned in front of you.

Mellah covered market

There is a fish stall with a comprehensive selection of fish packed on ice, fresh farm eggs, and a stall selling warka pastry (like Greek filo pastry) for making pastilla and briwats.

At the Marché du Mellah you will also find fresh cut flowers – roses of many different colours and other more exotic varieties according to the season.

Video of Marché du Mellah

Map of Marché du Mellah