Dar Si Said Museum Marrakech

dar si said marrakech

The Dar Si Said Museum is actually a sumptuous old palace with stunning Hispano-Moorish ceilings, plaster work and carved cedar woodwork. It’s worth coming to this museum just to see the architecture and interior decoration. It’s really impressive! The Dar Si Said palace houses the Museum of Moroccan Art and the exhibits include clothes, weaponry, objects of beaten copper, all types of furniture and fittings, antique doors and Berber jewellery. On the first floor you’ll find a room with walls adorned with gorgeous carpets from the High Atlas.

The Dar Si Said museum is located just north of the Bahia Palace. If you’re in the main square, head south on the street Riad Zitoun el Jdid, accessed via Rue de Banques next to Cafe France.

dar si said museum marrakech

Map of Dar Si Said Museum