What does “Riad Dar Zaman” mean?

old marrakech riad

“Riad” is Arabic for “garden” and refers to the garden found in the centre courtyard of traditional medina homes.  In these gardens you’ll often find planted various citrus trees, bougainvillea, palms, banana trees and other shade loving green foliage plants that are planted directly in soil, as opposed to in pots.

“Dar” is Arabic for “house” and refers to the smaller medina homes that don’t have a garden in the centre courtyard. “Zaman” in Arabic is used to describe something very old, ancient, historical, also old memories and a sense of time gone by. Placed together with “Dar” as in “Dar Zaman”, it means “old house”, or “old house of memories”. We use “Riad” in our online communication as riad has (incorrectly) become synonymous with “guesthouse” and is the more recognised term for a house in the medina, “but “Dar Zaman” is the true name of our beautiful old house of memories.