Ramadan Morocco 2015

Ramadan 2015 Morocco


Ramadan Morocco 2015

The Holy Month of Ramadan 2015 will start in Morocco on either 18 or 19 June this year and lasts for 30 days. During the Holy Month of Ramadan Muslims around the world spend more time on personal reflection and devotion to God. Fasting takes place between sunrise and sunset.

What does Ramadan mean for tourists?

For tourists visiting Marrakech during the month of Ramadan 2015 there is very little that will change. Cafes and restaurants that regularly cater to tourists remain open during Ramadan, serving food and drink throughout the day. Those establishments that usually serve alcohol will also continue to do so to non-muslims. Banks, administration offices and also public monuments in Marrakech may alter their opening hours to remain open throughout the day (not closing for lunch) so that they can instead close early to allow staff to head home in plenty of time to rest and break the fast at sunset.

Out of respect for the locals, avoid eating and drinking in public places (in restaurants it’s not a problem) during the month of Ramadan, and perhaps more importantly, avoid smoking in front of others. Ramadan fasting includes smoking, so smokers have a harder time than those who are just dealing with not eating and drinking. Women should pay attention to not show too much bare skin or dress provocatively.

End of Ramadan 2015

The end of Ramadan 2015 will be either 16 or 17 July and is marked by a three day festival known as Eid-al-Fitr and during this time banks, administration, shops and some public monuments may be closed. It’s a festive time to be in Morocco, it’s a real celebration of a month that brings everyone together.

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