Moroccan Pastilla and Briouates Marrakech

chicken pastilla marrakech

Two delicious dishes that you must try during any holiday in Marrakech are the Moroccan Pastilla and Briouates.

The Pastilla generally comes in three forms – Chicken, Pigeon and Seafood. The chicken and pigeon varieties are a sweet and savoury combination, with sweetened almonds mixed in with the meat and a garnish of cinnamon and icing sugar. The seafood variety is a mixture of Chinese rice noodles, fish and seafood, cilantro, lemon and spices.

Briouates, also briwats, are small parcels generally filled with minced meat (lamb, chicken or beef), vegetables and cheese. They are made in small triangles or cylinder (cigar like) shapes. There are also sweet varieties although in restaurants the savoury variety is more common.

The respective ingredients for both the Moroccan Pastilla and Briouates are packaged in a parcel of warqa (similar to the Greek filo pastry, also known as phyllo, or fillo).  Warqa is paper thin pastry dough that is brought into contact with a hot, flat surface. It is made in large sheets.

We serve delicious pastillas and briouates of all varieties at our Marrakech Riad.

Video making Warqa Pastry in Marrakech