Finding vegetarian meals in Marrakech is not a difficult task as all Moroccan restaurants offer delicious Moroccan salads, vegetable tagines and a couscous with vegetables dish.

At Dar Zaman we prepare various delicious vegetarian-suitable dishes, including tagines of fresh local vegetables and spices (ginger, garlic, sweet red pepper, parsley, cilantro plus Karima’s magic!), couscous with vegetables, chick peas and caramelised onions, red and green peppers stuffed with seasoned rice; courgette and Gruyere savoury pie (delicious!); vegetable and cheese briouattes and vegetable pastillas.

There’s also a Vegan Vegetarian restaurant in the Marrakech medina,Earth Cafe. In the new town of Gueliz, there are several Thai restaurants, and also Lebanese restaurants – our favourite is La Cuisine de Mona – offering fresh, tasty hummous, tabouli, falafel, baba ghanoush etc. Yum!