Marrakech Chemist Shop / Pharmacy

chemist pharmacy marrakech

There are numerous chemist shops in the Marrakech medina, easily recognised by the green neon cross above the door. In Marrakech the chemists are known as pharmacies, the locals won’t know what you mean if you ask for the chemist.

No matter what time of day or night, you can always find a chemist who is open. Every chemist in Marrakech displays a list by the door with the name and address of the night chemist (in french they call it the Pharmacie de Garde), and for public holidays, the list will include those Marrakech chemists who are open during the day.

Pharmacie de la Place

An excellent chemist shop in the Marrakech medina is the centrally located Pharmacie de la Place. It’s located on the main square of Jemaa el Fna, on the corner of Rue de Prince underneath the roof terrace of Café Glacier.

The staff are used to serving tourists and the great thing about pharmacies in Marrakech is that they can sell many drugs, for example, antibiotics, that you would normally require a prescription for.

Pharmacie Centrale in Marrakech

The Pharmacie Centrale located in Gueliz, the new part of Marrakech, is a legend among chemists in Marrakech. Rumour has it the Pharmacie Centrale was the very first pharmacy established in Marrakech; it’s certainly the one to emulate.

Should you have the need to buy drugs or visit a pharmacy in Marrakech, it’s worth a trip out of the medina to visit the Pharmacie Centrale. Chemists in Marrakech can dispense many drugs, for example antibiotics, without a prescription.

The pharmacists who work at the Pharmacie Centrale in Marrakech are infinitely kind, attentive and provide excellent advice. They always seem to have every drug and treatment in stock – in Marrakech it is the pharmacy generally recommended when there is something out of stock elsewhere or when there is shortage of a specific treatment or drug.

The Pharmacie Centrale in Marrakech is located at 166 Rue de la Liberté, Gueliz, Marrakech