Marrakech Airport Bus No. 19

marrakech airport bus no. 19

The city of Marrakech’s public transport bus service is operated by a Spanish company called Alsa.  Alsa provides an Airport Bus service (Bus no. 19) for transferring from the Marrakech Menara airport to the medina (ancient city) and Gueliz (new city) of Marrakech.  Bus number 19 is definitely the least expensive method of airport transfer, at 30 dirhams for a one-way ticket, or 50 dirhams if you commit to a return ticket at time of initial purchase. The bus service is provided 7 days a week, and according to the schedule on the Alsa website, service commences at 06h15 and ends at 21h30, with service every 30 minutes.  Allow 30 minutes if catching the bus from the medina to the airport.

marrakech airport shuttle bus no. 19

The bus will make several stops along the route – key stops are at Place Jemaa el Fna in the medina, and also the Marrakech train station / Gare de train in the new town.

The Marrakech Airport Bus No 19 is a useful service if you’re not in a hurry and if you’re confident you can find your way once you get off the bus.  If not, it could prove to be a false economy, as you could spend many dirhams more either with a petit taxi (if your riad turns out to be far from the bus drop off point) and/or paying locals to help you find your way.

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