Caleche ride Marrakech

Horse-drawn carriage ride or calèche in Marrakech

Calèches in Marrakech are horse-drawn carriages that offer a unique way to enjoy the Marrakech medina.  Calèche is the French word for “horse-drawn carriage”, and in Marrakech the carriages are often referred to as “calèches” even in English.

There are several places around the city of Marrakech where you’ll see rows of calèches waiting for customers – two of the more busy arrival/departure points are in front of the Koutoubia Mosque at the entrance to the main square of Djemaa el Fna, and just outside the Majorelle Garden.

The calèche can transport four or five people and one person can ride shotgun beside the driver.

A horse-drawn carriage provides a fun way to tour the Marrakech ramparts or to visit sites of interest outside of the medina, such as the Agdal Gardens, Menara Garden the Majorelle Garden or even the Palmeraie. You can also use a calèche as a taxi to take you to your destination in Marrakech. If you’re heading to La Mamounia for cocktails, why not travel in style in a horse-drawn carriage!

And before you climb in, don’t forget to settle on a price! Regular journeys generally cost from 120 – 180 dirhams and last from 30 minutes to one hour.  A tour of the ramparts or a trip to the Palmeraie will cost slightly more, say 200 – 300 dirhams. The price really depends on how effective you are at haggling and how badly the driver wants your custom.

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