Cooking Classes in Marrakech

Cooking Class Marrakech Riad

Cooking Class Marrakech Riad

flowerWe offer cooking classes at Marrakech Riad Dar Zaman!

First you’ll visit the local baker at the communal oven at the end of our street, where the locals bake their bread and cakes.

Then on to the souks to buy all the ingredients for your class.

Back at the riad, you’ll learn to make salads and a delicious tagine, one that you can easily recreate back home!

While the tagine is cooking, we’ll teach you how to make a simple yet delicious dessert and the secret to making delicious Moroccan mint tea.

The class is over at lunchtime, when you get to feast on everything you made!

Cooking classes should be booked the day before in order to schedule the visit to the local market the following morning.

Programme of Cooking Classes in Marrakech

  • 10h00: Head out to local baker and souks to shop for ingredients
  • 11h-13h00: Preparation of the menu
  • 13h30: Feasting!

Photo Gallery of Cooking Classes