Marrakech Weather and When to Go


Marrakech is famous for its all year round dry and warm climate.

June, July and August are the hottest months, with temperatures in July and August typically around 40°C in the sun, and sometimes reaching the low 50°s. Once the sun goes down the temperature cools and in the evening there is often a pleasant cool breeze blowing from the Atlas Mountains. It’s a very dry desert heat, much easier to deal with than a tropical humid heat.


Weather for Marrakech
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It is forcast to be Clear at 9:00 PM WET on April 16, 2014


It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 9:00 PM WET on April 17, 2014
Partly Cloudy


It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 9:00 PM WET on April 18, 2014
Partly Cloudy


It is forcast to be Mostly Cloudy at 9:00 PM WET on April 19, 2014
Mostly Cloudy



Winter sees milder temperatures, with daytime highs of around 18°C and lows of around 5°C. Spring and Autumn see daytime temperatures of around 25°C dropping to around 12°C at night.


November to April are the months when it can rain in Marrakech. It doesn’t rain often, and when it does, it tends to be short lived, from a shower to maximum 3 day showers. Marrakech receives only approximately 25cm of rain each year.

When to Go?

There is no bad time to visit Marrakech. Different seasons offer different experiences. The busiest months tend to be October, March and April.